Design the life you love

Design the life you love

One of the best wellness practices that you can do to move forward in your life, or release past hurts and struggles, is to truly BE with the emotion when it comes up. Take a moment to ask yourself: Why am I feeling this way? Where is this emotion or trigger coming from? When we are still enough to truly listen, the an-swer will come. Understanding and feeling your “why” allows you to take the steps to release it. A simple way to release it is saying to yourself during meditation or prayer, “Thank you for showing up for me; I forgive myself and/or someone else; I love you, and I’m ready to let it go.” Staying in tune with ourselves when negative emotions arise, and releasing them, is crucial in maintaining an open heart. Harboring negative emotions and closing ourselves off to healing will eventually create bitterness and disease within the body. We may not even aware that we have let stress and negative emotions take their toll. Eventually though, we become sick, depressed, or just feel down and unmotivated. Taking the time to release these emotions helps to keep that open heart, and an open heart is what is connects us as human beings to one another, and fuels that feeling of love, happiness, and appreciation. And who doesn’t want that right!?


By Christine Landaal and Jennifer Ream, sisters, business partners, and passionate Mindful Body Healing Health Coaches Together they have created their own wellness program designed . to guide, support, and empower women on their personal journeys to health and happiness. They are also designers and creators of their own line of organic meditation cushions.

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