Wedding Tips from the Pro

Wedding Tips from the Pro

These days there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” wedding. Brides and grooms are looking to fill their special day with unique ideas and personalized touches.

From venues to decor to favors, every couple has the opportunity to make their wedding a memorable event that perfectly reflects who they are.

The events in this article were designed by Brady Events, a Grand Blanc-based wedding and special events agency that has been helping couples have weddings that mirror their own personal sense of style for 10 years.

Brady Events has planned and produced hundreds of weddings and other special events, both intimate gatherings and elaborate extravaganzas.

Destination Weddings

destination weddingMany couples are dashing off for their nuptials, then returning to host a reception later with friends and family. To bring the intimate experience of the wedding to your reception, here are some ideas to consider. Use decor that ties into your wedding destination. If you were married on a tropical island, bring that feel back to your reception. If you are not wearing your wedding gown at your reception, put it on display and make it part of the decor. Your guests will want to see it. There is just something special about the wedding gown. Play your wedding video at your reception. Let your guests be a part of the special moment.

Personal touches for the busy gal 

It really is the little touches that make your wedding feel like your very own. You might not have time to design every aspect of your entire wedding, but you want to add your own special touch. Handmade love signs for the bridal table or cake table are heart-felt symbols of your special day that you can keep for years to come.

Light up the big day in a new way

wedding lightingLighting can transform even the ugliest reception halls into magic. If you want to make an impact with your lighting design, use a custom monogram or focus on a specific area such as the bar area. That focal point helps create a “wow factor” without breaking your bank.

Make it personal 

Little details can mean so much. If you have old buttons from your grandmother’s dress, tie them on the handle of your wedding bouquet. Are there old windows hiding in her attic? Repurpose them for the guest table seating personal

Make your anniversary bloom every year 

If you want your wedding to come home with you, use perennial flowers to line the aisle. Flowers such as mums, lavender, and rose bushes make a beautiful statement on your wedding day. Then, for years to come, your anniversary will literally bloom with flowers from your big day! If you have a bigger budget, consider a garden structure like a gazebo for the ceremony that will become a family heirloom.

Keep it fun 

Keep your guests engaged with fun surprises throughout the evening. A couple of ideas: Hire an impersonator like Marilyn Monroe or an artist to capture guest caricatures. What a great way to greet guests for cocktail hour! As the evening goes into full swing and the night falls, hand out glow-in-the-dark sticks on the dance floor. Your guests will definitely get in touch with their inner child!

Spice up your bridemaids’ bouquets flowers

Who said your bridesmaids must all carry the same exact flowers? Spice up your bridemaids’ bouquets by using the same color, but different flowers, for each attendant. Take it a step further and add a locket with their names to each bouquet.

More than flowers 

Personalize others’ flowers, too. For mom’s wrist corsage, use a special bracelet instead of an elastic band for a lasting keepsake of the special day.

brideSpread the love with a charity 

Instead of favors, make a donation to your favorite charity in honor of your guests. Let’s face it — most of the items bought for guest favors end up in a junk drawer or in the trash. Take that budget and put it to good use to help others! Some charities will even print a thank-you note to leave at each place setting for your guests.


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