wedding budget

Wedding Budget

Defining Wedding Budget is the key to having a truly successful event!

The average (AVERAGE!!) wedding costs $27,000.

That’s hard to believe, but all those little pennies and dimes can add up to a huge total. The key to a wedding budget is simple: 1. Have a budget. 2. Manage it, so it doesn’t manage you. Whether you’re pinching pennies or have an open checkbook, take control of your big day. Set your priorities, then adjust your budget accordingly. Keep adjusting as your priorities and your plans change or if unexpected costs arise. Stay on track throughout the planning process. Is a great band at the reception a must? Then where can you subtract in other areas? Did the quote for flowers come in higher than the amount budgeted? It’s decision time: Cheaper flowers or cut elsewhere? The wedding budget tracker below can be used for a budget of any amount. Fill in your own budget and calculate the percentages to see how much you will likely spend in each category. Then personalize it by adding and subtracting, according to your priorities.

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