To love

To love and be loved.

We have come so far and still have far to go.

Could you imagine living in a time when a woman was frowned upon to be a writer (or for that matter any occupation outside of the home.)  Hope you enjoy this little snip from Kudos magazine. Here we highlight a woman that laid ground work for future generations.  She was a true rebel of her era.  And her wisdom still stands truthful today.

George Sand was the pseudonym of the French writer, Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin, (1804-1876), who challenged political and social norms for women not only in her writing, but in her life. Sand donned men’s attire to explore the Paris that was off-limits to women in her day: restricted libraries, museums, the pit of the theatre (where seats were cheaper, but unacceptable for a lady) as well as bars and cafes where she could drink and smoke cigars openly. Her novels, plays, stories and essays also explored unorthodox (for the day) views:

She sided with the poor and working class and advocated for women’s rights, standing up against the double standards of marriage and claiming women had the same right to freedom as their husbands. She had many public romantic affairs with artists, including the composer Frederic Chopin and the writer Alfred de Musset, earning as much notoriety for her Bohemian lifestyle as for her written work.

Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev said of Sand: “What a brave man she was, and what a good woman.”

To say the least, it seems she must have learned to love herself by being herself, even pushing boundaries.  She seemed to live life “to love and be loved.”  Does it make you what she was afraid of?  What she did to step forward, take that leap of faith and be herself.

Have you asked yourself lately, what you are doing to take a leap of faith?  To move forward and be your true self.

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Wishing you a season filled with love,  and being be loved george sand pink book

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