The Perfect Woman

Once Upon A Time The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman.  Once Upon A Time there was an amazing woman. She had a fulfilling career and a loving family. Her house sparkled with cleanliness in the sunlight and her outfits were always impeccable. She smiled and was happy with everyone she met and she was always patient with her children. It was rumored throughout the kingdom that she exercised every single day, and — this part always amazed the listeners — she only ate healthy foods!

She had time for charity work, hobbies, her aging parents and she cooked dinner every night! She was well read and could discuss any topic with ease. People were in awe of her and wanted so much to be like her. They tried to imitate everything she did. It was impossible. This made them feel very bad about themselves.

And then one day, they realized that she wasn’t real. The truth was that she was a figment of everyone’s imagination.

No woman can do it all. When we think this, that other women know how to balance their lives and that other women never feel insecure and have everything under control, we measure ourselves against this image, and of course, we fall short. We feel bad about ourselves, and women, it is time to stop thinking in this way.

Life has ups and downs. Some days are better than others, and some times are more difficult than other times. If you want to feel good, if you want some balance, you need to stop doing some of the things you are trying to pack into your life. There is a saying, “You can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything you want.” I like to add, “at the same time.”

The way to achieve balance is one step at a time. One minute at a time, you make the right choices. The minutes of your life add up to your life. If you are saying that your health is important, then why are you going without sleep? If you are saying family is important, why do you insist on so many other commitments? If you want to exercise, why are you making it a big deal? Go for a 10-minute walk every day.

There are not enough hours in each day to address all our needs and wants, unless you are very fortunate and have tons of help and money. Take responsibility for the decisions you make each day. Take responsibility for the way you treat your body and your health. Take responsibility for your life. You are the expert in your life. Own it, and get balance one minute and one choice at a time.

diana fletcher

The Perfect Woman.


“The Perfect Woman” is an excerpt from Diana Fletcher’s most recent book, “Happy on Purpose: Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women.” The revised and expanded edition is available on in Kindle or paperback form. Fletcher, an author, blogger, life coach and motivational speaker, blogs at thoughtsbydiana.comYou do not have to be the perfect woman. Just be you.  For more insightful wisdom, follow Diana on Twitter.

By Diana Fletcher


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