Summer Camp for Asthma Kids

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Camp Copneconic Medical Building

rebeka camp easy breather“Rebekah got RSV when she was 2 years old. She started wheezing, coughing and waking up a lot at night. I ended up putting her in a pop-up playpen at the end of my bed. I was very worried and wasn’t sure what to do to help her. She had breathing treatments with a nebulizer, X-rays, took steroids, and various other medications. Even though she got better, Rebekah’s breathing problems persisted. She continued to cough a great deal, often wheezed, and obvi-ously struggled to breathe at times. It wasn’t long before she was diagnosed with asthma. I reached out for help and was put in contact with Hurley’s amazing Asthma Home Education Program. “As a mom, I really had no information on how to care for a child with asthma. Today, four of my five children have asthma. I have learned a tremendous amount about how to manage my children’s asthma, what warning signs to watch for, and so much more from Hurley’s home-based Asthma Education Program. “For Rebekah, Camp Easy Breathers is amazing! It is the highlight of her summer. She has been to Asthma Camp twice and just loves it. These kids have the opportunity to forget they have anything medically wrong and just enjoy nature in a very safe environment. They meet other kids just like themselves and make new friends. Camp Easy Breathers truly lets them become kids again without the fear of having an asthma attack with no one there who knows how to help. “Today, Rebekah’s asthma is stable and her lung function is constantly improving. She was just taken off a low dosage steroid she’s been taking daily for years, which has been helping to keep her asthma under control. Hurley is 100 percent the best place and the safest place to go if you have a child with asthma. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Hurley. Thank you for helping my children fight asthma, and win. And, thank you for giving me the tools and education I needed as a parent, to help manage my kids’ asthma. ”

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