Reflection of Water

“O Supreme Lord, You are actually the Air, the Earth, Fire, Sky and Water. You are the objects of sense perception, the life airs, the five senses, the mind, consciousness and false ego. Indeed You are everything, subtle and gross. The material elements and anything expressed, either by the words or by the mind, are nothing but You.” – Bhagavad Gita

Within the religious world, water is understood to be a part of creation, a gift to humanity. The moon influences the tides of the oceans and provides a supply of water, which evaporates and makes rain clouds. Then rain nourishes the Earth with pure water again. Without water, there is no life.
Water is one of the five elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (Sky). Water is a primary building block of life and all the living beings are at the mercy of God for water. Water is a purifier, life giver and destroyer of evil. It washes away impurities and pollutants and it has spiritual cleansing powers. Water has the power to destroy as well as create life.
Our ecosystems, our society and economy all need fresh clean water in sufficient amounts to thrive. Yet water resources are under increasing pressure in many parts of the world. We must improve the way we use and manage our water resources. We need a supply of usable, clean water everyday: to drink, bathe and cook, as well as to produce many goods and services. Protecting our water resources and ensuring our practices are sustainable are vital for any civilization to flourish.

By: Mimi King


Mimi King

Mimi King was born in Africa in 1948, the 14th child of a prominent Indian family and considered to have the gift of religious order and discipline within her family dynasty. Her early years were spent in developing extensive knowledge in philosophy, psychology and ancient Hinduism, supporting her continuous spiritual development through meditation and contribution to others.

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