Live Life with Love

At 40-something, widowed with two young boys, I am discovering a whole new version of life. I was un- der the impression that you grad-uate from college, have a career, work hard, start a family and live happily ever after – right? Well, most of that was the case for me. I was blessed with a life journey I loved (and still love) But along that journey there have been some pretty big hurdles. I’m not unique – it happens to all of us regardless of how much you plan. Through the change and chaos, the biggest lesson I learned and am still learning is that when you live from your heart, it can be the saving grace to pull you through the dark times. I’ve found strength through prayer and through prioritizing the people and things I love. Some internal switch made me look at what is im-portant to me in my life. Suddenly it became easy to say “no” to the things I didn’t want in my life. Not because I was strong, but because I barely had the desire to say “yes” to the things I loved in my life. It wasn’t easy, but I began saying, “yes” to things I loved. With time, these “yes moments” helped me experience self-love and self-for-giveness. Each loving yes was like a spoonful of medicine, purging my heart of things that were broken and misplaced. Regardless of how much pain my heart felt, I was still alive and I knew I had more to do in this lifetime, including raising our children and sharing life with them. I began re-prioritizing my work-load, choosing projects that only gave me joy and allowed me to give back to others. My career — the sense of being needed outside of my own pain — gave me the boost I needed to drag myself from the comforts of my bed, rise above the chaos and see the silver lining in the clouds of doom and gloom. This issue of Kudos shares inspira-tional stories of people who took tragedy and turned it into triumph and those living the life they love. We’re providing insight on how to keep your heart healthy physically and emotionally, along with infor-mation on how to keep your family heart smart. With my kids, I reinforce the message, “You can do anything you want to do in this life. Just make sure you love what you do, do it with kindness and do your best.” Those are lessons I need to remem-ber, too. As with all matters of life, there will always be good days and the bad days. If during the mo-ments of goodness you have sur-rounded yourself with people and scenarios you love, your heart will be warmed on the coldest and most difficult days. I promise.

Elizabeth Brady-Marasco

Kudos Publisher and Editor in Chief

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