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Kudos Pickup Locations:

Kudos magazine is published quarterly, along with several other special edition magazines; including Little Pink Book. You can subscribe to have Kudos mailed to your address or pick up at one of these local businesses.

Birch Run
Beamer's Restaurant 11850 Gera Rd
Fast Pax 8795 Main St
Tony's 8781 Main St
7-11 Main St
Little Ceasar's Main St

Big John's 3485 Fenton
Mel's Diner 3441 Fenton
Sav A Lot 4831 Fenton
Land Mark Foods 4644 Fenton
Rocky's Outdoor 4014 S Saginaw
Tia Helita's 4070 S Saginaw
Big John's 3311 Dort Hwy
US Family Restaurant 3512 Dort Hwy
Ouibwa Healthy Store 2480 S Center
Paul's Coney 2280 S Center

Kmart Plaza W Vienna Rd
VG's 710 S Mill
Classic Coney 2135 Vienna

VG's 8502 Davison Rd
Elga Credit Union Davison Rd
John's Pizza 9010 Davison Rd
Paradise Video 3058 N State
Heidi's Market 5522 N State
Big John's 1026 S State
Big Boy 9497 Lapeer
Flag City Diner 9498 Lapeer
Italia Garden 1741 S State
Apollo 715 S State

Mt Morris
McDonald's 8010 N Dort Hwy
Gillie's 6524 N Dort Hwy
Sav A Lot N Saginaw
Halo Burger US 23/Mt Morris

Downtown Flint
The Cork 635 S Saginaw
Blackstones 531 Saginaw
Farmer's Market 300 E 1st St
501 Bar & Grill 550 S Saginaw
The Lunch Studio 444 S Saginaw
Church Hills 430 S Saginaw
The Torch 522 S Saginaw
Table & Tops 555 S Saginaw
Soggy Bottom 613 MLK
The Whitehorse 621 W Court
Hong Kong Buffet 5024 Corunna

Grand Blanc
Jimy's Market 5425 Dort Hwy
Kwik Mart 130 Perry
Warwick Party Shoppe 9523 Saginaw
Big Apple Bagels 8185 Holly Rd
Tropical Café 2383 E Hill Rd
Oliver T's 1553 E Hill Rd
Venus Restaurant 5485 Fenton
El Potrero Across from Venus
Big Boy 11432 S Saginaw
Khio's Restaurant 8296 S Saginaw
Fajita's Tex-Mex 10006 S Saginaw
China Buffet 12745 Saginaw
Sophia's Kitchen 11415 S Saginaw
Big John's 252 Perry Rd
Dawn Donuts 232 Perry Rd
Grand Blanc Library 515 Perry
Omego Coney 6339 Saginaw Rd
Great Harvest Bread 252 Perry Rd
Great Clips 252 Perry Rd

Holly Library 1118 N Saginaw
Holly Donuts 421 N Saginaw
Holly Party Shop 15228 Holley Rd
Tom's Coney 15199 N Saginaw
Holly Foods 15191 Saginaw


Big John's 4520 W Pierson
ProClean 5030 Pierson
John's Coney 5375 Corunna
Kroger 5249 Corunna
ProClean 5229 Corunna
Sagano Steakhouse 2071 Linden
Grill of India 2105 Linden
Atlas Coney 3833 Corunna
Woodcraft Market 2856 Miller Rd.
Westside Diner 2336 S Ballenger
Leo's Coney 4151 Miller Rd
Sunrise Coast 4225 Miller Rd
Fashion Nails 4225 Miller Rd
Dale's Natural Foods 4290 Miller Rd
Golden Moon 4527 Miller Rd
Farmer's Market 300 E 1st St

Leo's Coney 15040 Silver Pkwy
Marathon 1375 Leryo Rd
VG's 18005 Silver Pkwy
Grondin's Salon 18035 Silver Pkwy
Arby's At US 23
Mega Coney 3401 Owen Rd
VG's 1390 Fenton Rd
Fenton Coney 1486 Leroy
John's Pizzeria 1492 N Leroy
Sagebrush Cantina 13248 N Fenton
Capitol Coney 4021 Van Slyke
Blue Collar Market 3405 Van Slyke
Latina's 1270 W Bristol
Donna's Donuts 1135 W Bristol
Health Center 4500 Saginaw
Dort Federal Credit Union 1081 Hill
Talmer Bank 6120 Fenton Rd