Experiences Fight Breast Cancer

Each Hurley comprehensive Breast Center patient is different. Their stories and experiences through diagnosis, treatment and recovery are different. But many find support, help and direction from Marsha Schmit RN, BSN, CBCN, Hurley’s Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator. Th e Breast Navigator program, the first of its kind in Flint, guides and supports patients every step of the way during diagnosis, treatment, breast reconstruction and long-term follow-up.

The Breast Cancer Navigator program was implemented at Hurley Medical Center in August 2008. The program was designed to help educate, advocate and support patients during this journey with breast cancer while empowering each person with the hope of recovery or regaining a level of wellness to live a long and productive life. The program has reached more than 850 patients to date.

Schmit, herself, is a breast cancer survivor and encourages patients to use the diagnosis as an opportunity to revisit their lifestyle choices and consider the importance of nutrition and exercise.

Here are the powerful experiences of some of the patients enrolled in the Hurley Breast Cancer Navigator program:breast cancer victors



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