Community Clinical Excellence

Community Clinical Excellence

From our opening in 1908, Hurley Medical Center has been dedicated to providing exceptional clinical care and compassion. Today, 108 years later, that mission of “clinical excellence, service to people” is alive and well, along with the importance of giving back to our community.

Our clinical expertise allows our outstanding caregivers and support staff to care for a variety of diseases and conditions around the clock, including cardiovascular issues. Hurley utilizes the most advanced procedures for patients of all ages. That continuous commitment to the community includes new collaborative partnerships, all with the same mission and vision, providing outstanding health and wellness services to the residents of greater Flint. Hurley is here for you in so many exciting ways.

Our Hurley Wellness Hub at the Flint Farmers’ Market is one way we are reaching out and providing health and wellness resources, free cooking demonstrations and much more to assist in tackling common diseases. Hurley Medical Center offers annual free teen heart screenings across Genesee County, and has diagnosed a handful of teens with life-threateninghurley logo heart conditions, all of whom are alive and thriving today because of this free service and screening.

Our upcoming teen heart screening event on October 8, 2016 at the Flint Farmers’ Market is another way we are reaching beyond the walls of our medical center to transform the health and wellness of our community and beyond. Hurley Medical Center continues our dedication to increasing corporate and community wellness programs and partnerships, aimed at improving the health status of our community. For more information on Hurley Wellness Services, call 844-WELL4ME today.

Yours in good health,

Melany Gavulic, RN, MBA

President and Chief Executive Officer

Hurley Medical Center

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