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The Life Care Plan

As health care improves, people are living longer. In the past, people got older, got sick and passed away. These days when we get older and get sick, we often live many more years dealing with an illness. This often means we may not have enough money to pay for long term care. Elder Law Attorneys can assist families through the difficulties that result from this predicament. Children cannot always become full-time care givers. Parents may be admitted to nursing homes, only to learn that their insurance and life savings will not cover the cost. By the time most families contact an attorney they are exhausted and are certain they are at the end of their financial rope. Many times the family is nearly in tears from the guilt of thinking their loved one may not be able to get the care that they need. Out of this turmoil the Life Care Plan was created.

The Life Care Plan utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to create a holistic plan to deal with legal, financial, and quality of care issues. An Elder Care Coordinator works closely with care providers to ensure that appropriate care is being provided, that the diagnosis is fully understood, and that patients don’t fall through the cracks when they are discharged. The unique aspect of the Life Care Plan is that the Elder Care Coordinator also works closely with an attorney to ensure that all legal concerns are addressed. This includes appointing a power of attorney so that bills will be paid as needed, and naming someone to make medical decisions if the patient becomes incapacitated.

The final piece of the puzzle is to make sure the plan is sustainable today, tomorrow, and years down the road. The care coordinator works to align Medicare, private health insurance, veteran benefits, Medicaid, and community resources to preserve assets and provide better care. This allows the elderly person to have the best care options available, not just the options into which their depleting resources force them. This serves to prevent hospital readmissions and ensure a much higher quality of life for the patient.

The Life Care Plan lifts a huge burden off the shoulders of families by making sure someone is there to walk alongside the elderly person throughout this difficult journey

>>Rachel B. DeSimpelare

Elder Care Coordinator

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