Campfire Safety Tips

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Campfire Safety Tips

Fenton Fire Chief Robert Cairnduff and STAT EMS Chief Operating Officer Joseph R. Karlichek shared some tips to help keep your family safe this summer.

1. Never leave a campfire unattended, not even for a minute!

2. An adult should always supervise any campfires.

3. Never place anything in the fire except wood— especially no containers or pressurized cans.

4. Always make sure to have something to extinguish the fire like an extinguisher or bucket of water.

5. Clear the area around the campfire and make sure all kids know that this is the “clear zone” and no running or playing in it.

If someone does get burned, here’s how to help them

1. Remove the hot, wet clothing—don’t forget to check and remove an infant’s diaper if it has absorbed hot liquids.

2. Cool the burned area immediately with room-temperature tap water.

3. Do not use ice or very cold water. Ice or very cold water will further damage the burned area. When it is the temperature of the unburned skin, you have cooled enough.

4. Gently dry the area and cover the burn with a clean, dry bandage or towel.

5. Do not use butter, first aid ointment or burn cream. These items tend to cause more pain.

6. Keep the burned victim warm until emergency services arrive. Cover with a blanket. Burned skin loses body heat even in warmer months.

Check out Fenton Fire Department website for other fire prevention videos and information.

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