Monthly Breast Self Exam

 Monthly Breast Self Exam

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It is never too early to start monthly breast self exams. Below are different ways to perform this exam. Experts recommend that women begin monthly self-examinations at age 20. The best time to do this is a couple of days after your period, when your breast are least likely to be swollen or tender.

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In The Showerstanding self exam

Place one hand behind your head. Choose one of the three patterns below. With finger pads (not fingertips) of the three middle fingers of your left hand, apply three levels of pressure (light, then medium, then firm) in overlapping, dime-sized, circular motions to feel the entire breast tissue, including your underarm. Check for lumps or thickenings. Repeat exam on left breast, using finger pads of the right hand.

Standing or Sitting

Examine each underarm with your arm only slightly raised.

Before a Mirror

With your hands firmly pressing down on hips, check for changes in the shape, size, or skin texture of your breasts. Check nipples for any unusual discharge.

laying down examLying Down

To examine your right breast, place your right hand behind your head. Follow the same technique as in the shower. Check for lumps, knots or thickenings. Then put your left arm behind your head, and repeat the steps with your right hand on your left breast.


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