Art of Paper Marbling

Art of Paper Marbling

Creating paper with a marbling design has been around for centuries, hand made books were the norm.  The process dates back to Japan in 1108 and eventually made it was to Europe through Turkey onto Holland and eventually England in the 1700s.   This was often used in creating hand made books, including cover liners giving a preservation and lovely presentation.  Also paper marbling was commonly used in antique furniture as an accent in drawer liners.

Marbling is still a beautiful art form equally fascinating to watch.   Watch the process of paper making and you see beauty revealed in a big surprise.

Check out this video at Oberlin College, letterpress studio, students learn the craft are making beautiful prints.


If you are looking for inspiration this year, consider taking an art class at your local college or organizations like Flint Institute of Arts.  There is so much to learn about the art around us!

Alex Fox via Boring Boring


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